Why Buy Blimpscreen?
Blimpscreen was the originator of the small and mid-size inflatable screens. Coming from the event production business we had experienced the problems of erecting outdoor screens for parties, premieres and events here in Los Angeles. We built the first screens for our own use over 10 years ago.

The Blimpscreen has made outdoor movies practical and popular and we now have competitors copying the system we created. But not all screens are created equal!

Over 200 Blimpscreens have been sold to city, park and government agencies - including the army, navy and airforce! (Please ask for references)

The Blimpscreen has performed for customers for years and years, show after show. we know operators that have completed over 200 shows with their screens. We know of one screen that has been installed on the roof top of a car dealer 24/7 for over a year!

The Blimpscreen has no center support and can be front or rear projected with the same screen. The rear A frame supports allow free-standing for indoor use.

The Blimpscreen screen sizes are actual visable size of the white screen - not including the frame! Do not get confused by diagonal measurements 0 ours are height by width.The same size is usable for front and rear. Some competitors cannot accomplish this.

The Blimpscreen tubes and screen are made of the toughest material in the business.

Blimpscreen warrantees the product against material or wormanship defects for two years.

Blimpscreen has a return policy within 10 days if you do not think the product works for you.

Blimpscreen will buy back your screen or find a buyer for it, if your first season is not a success (40/35/25 over 3 years) - so if you only get 4 uses in the first season, you are still ahead of the game versus rental! (No one has ever returned a Blimpscreen)

Blimpscreen will assist in you promotions with brochure design, pictures, photos and the use of our name.

Blimpscreen refers national rental calls to the closest Blimpscreen owner.

Blimpscreen will provide 1 free rental per year to Blimpscreen owners in case you get double booked.

Blimpscreens are made here in the USA. We have tried to avoid out-sourcing to foreign countries for manufacture.

So please, don't base your purchase just on price! Blimpscreen has a proven quality, design, and name - like Kleenex and Scotch, they may look like a Blimpscreen, but there is only one real to goodness Blimpscreen.